Foreningsmeddelelse 2022

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Som de fremgår af tidligere foreningsmeddelelse er foreningens arbejde for tiden sat på stand by pga Corona og frafald af betalende medlemmer. Dette betyder dog ikke at vi har mistet kontakten til Akwamu og Akwamufie.

Foreningen overvejer i øjeblikket hvordan de få tilrådestående midler der er på foreningskontoen bedst muligt vil kunne komme skolebørnene i Akwamufie til gode. Mere herom i næste foreningsmeddelelse.

Man er selvfølgelig altid velkommen til at indbetale frivillige bidrag til foreningen på Nordea 2500 konto 8973-451-880. Tak til dem der stadig støtter foreningen.

Herunder følger to beretninger fra personer der er involveret i foreningens arbejde:

Først vores kontaktperson gennem mange år Samuel Otchere Addo:

This is a yearly greetings from myself and the local management team of Friends of Akwamu to our Denmark Managers of Akwamu Venner.
First of all on behalf of the Local Management Team and the entire people of Akwamufie, we extend our condolences to Nana Yaw Afriyie 1 for the lost of the wife. Is our prayer that she rest in the bosom of the almighty God.


The Akwamufie Presby Junior High School brought it academic activities to an end on 10th December, 2021.
The Akwamufie Presby Primary School also brought it academic activities to an end on 17th December, 2021. The reason they vacated late was that, the Government of Ghana organised a National Standardised Examination for all Basic schools in the country so the pupils needed to stay one week to also partake in the National Examination.
Both the Primary and Junior High Schools will be reopening school on 10th January, 2022


Kwaku Owusu (Deaf Student) is now using the Barbering Skills he acquired in the vocational department at the Mampong School for the Deaf to shave people in the Akwamufie Town to generate some form of income for himself. The equipments we purchase for his practical exams are the ones that he uses.
Philip Manu (Blind Student) has relocated to Accra to stay with sister. I have called him severally to make his academic performance result for the Basic Examination he took at the Akropong School for the Blind available so that we would know what to do next, he is yet to send me a copy.
Gyamea Akosua (Deaf Student) who gave birth during school is also in Akwamufie and she has been worrying me wanting to go back to school.


Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III, Paramount Chief of Akwamu and the people of Akwamu celebrated the last Akwasidae in the year 2021 on the Sunday 12th December, 2021. This is were all the sub chiefs in Akwamu Traditional Area merge at Akwamufie to thank their ancestors for the yearly protection and blessing. Pictures on the Facebook page of Odeneho.
I would like to inform you that my wife just delivered a baby girl on Tuesday 21-12-21 at the Volta River Authority hospital at Akosombo and she is yet to be discharge from the Hospital. Now a student combine to be a father as well working far away from home. The task is very hard so need your prayers and support.
I just arrived at Akwamufie on Wednesday 22-12-21 evening travelling all the way from Wa and will be reporting back to Wa on 4th January, 2022.
Merry Christmas and Fruitful New year to you and the entire team.
Best regards

Samuel Otchere
Akwamufie, Ghana

Og her en rapport fra en anden kontaktperson i Akwamu: Amadi Emmanuel Ansah


The school has gone through a few transitions since it was established: ups and downs. though currently the population has seen an encouraging rise, it is important to outline it current state in specifics. The school is made up of Pre-school, grade school and Junior High School. The schools population now stands 409. There are about 29 students being prepared for BECE. Current permanent instructors for the school are 9. Nana Amoako’s pre-school now houses 30 school children. The school needs to be refurbishment with furniture. There should be a good look at installation of ventilation system to curb the heat absorbed in the room. The structure suffered fire outbreak from one faulty fan. There is an effort made to restore the lighting system of the structure. The caretakers of these children need proper motivation and upgrade. They are really on top of the game as far as the care taking of the young ones is concerned. Supporting this short report are a few pictures taken at the school premises.

Akwamu foreningsmeddelelse første halvår 2022
Akwamu foreningsmeddelelse første halvår 2022
Akwamu foreningsmeddelelse første halvår 2022
Akwamu foreningsmeddelelse første halvår 2022

Amadi Ansah Emmanuel er også aktiv i andre sammenhænge i Akwamu. Her en tale han holdt ved et arrangement ved Adome Bridge:


Today is the tomorrow we called yesterday and I am happy and I believe you are also happy that we are witnessing a day like this We give the almighty God the praise for making it possible for us to see this day and we going to witness this to the whole world. I just cannot hold the feeling it gives me to stand before you all today. We are grateful to our overlord, Odeneho Kwafo Akoto, Akwamuman Hene for his inspirations and willingness to make Akwamu a tourist hub. We can never hold our appreciative feelings for the The Royal Senchi in that, when all hope was lost for us in the organisation of this project, God through Nana Yeboah Afari, Adantamhene of Akwamu Traditional area, gave as the directives and the needed push. It will highly ungrateful should we overlook the latter intervention to continue this journey by Our kind brother, Edmond, the owner of Bridge View Hotel. His support was a life saving bell. We are so grateful. The likes of Uncle Benjamin Agyemang UK, Nana Tufu Hene of Akwamu Traditional Area, Brother Steve Boafo can never be forgotten. Their motivations and directives has really helped and straighten up things for better progress in subsequent years. sometimes when I reflect on the fact that, I am Akwamuni and I see my Akwamufo, I become so proud and at the same time very sad. But then, this is the magic of nature. Both the white and black keys found on keyboards, make the perfect sounds enjoyed by many if not every body. But with your presence here, we say, WE DID IT and we must be proud of ourselves. This idea has been impregnated for about 4 years now. we always had it done around the Bonfire but decided to lift it high a little bit and that is where we find ourselves now. The Bridge here lies before us, has been of a great importance to the people of Ghana should we not have anything to talk about as Akwamufo. But this is it, the pride of having it on our land is the reason why we must have it celebrated and outdoor its importance should there be that lack of information. We cannot hold on to say that, the bridge has been of a social importance importance where its existence sells out the town Akwamu Atimpoku within and without. The Adome Bridge has in its singular capacity been able to serve the nation in a special way by connecting the southern and the northern part part of the nation. it has been able to lure tourists to witness its elegance. the bridge has also aided people in the likeness of JJ Rawlings to make indelible histories. it has and continues to creat market for many people such as Abodoo, Borlu, aborbor, bread, adorde, one-man thousand sellers. Above these, it has engraved a sense of pride on the tables of our hearts and minds as people of Akwamu and for that matter Asuogyaman. it was the honey comb from which Internally generated fund was squeezed out of for the nation. it still stands as one of the gallant edifice of our nation and deserves to be celebrated. We welcome you to this maiden Celebration of the gallant Bridge.

Myself and my friends came up with the idea of creating another tourism prone activity using our Bridge. We realised that apart from the normal 31st night celebrated by churches, myself and my team decided to do Bonfire and fireworks to draw traffic to around the bridge thereby creating market for the people around on the first and engage them to indirectly preserving the olden culture using the fun of the century.

Med venlig hilsen

Karl Peter og Mogens